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Fox Soother

Fox Soother

Alaa Adel
May 22, 2018
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A digital portrait for a girl with a fox trying to sooth the fox in her hand. a personal digital study I did use reference and started exploring the painting and colors process. I used Wacom intous pro and photoshop cc to draw this

i was searching online for some studies and i came up with reference picture and it made me feel the urge to draw it and paint it
the idea of not completing the bottom part of the painting has two sides
first one to make it as far as i can from hyper realistic drawings
and the second one to make it feel like they are completing each other like it is a glass getting filled with dreams and soothing

i used Wacom Intous pro Graphic Tablet and i used Photoshop CC for the drawing

i started doing outlines and sketchy lines then cleaning the lines with less lines and more cleaned sketch
then i start putting basic colors to the painting by separating each element in the drawing with its basic color
for example the girl is having 2 basic colors : beige and green
the fox is having dark orange color

then you start putting slowly the dark and the light sources and step by step start choosing the lighter colors for each element in the painting

well it was weirdly getting shared on Facebook and Deviant art and also got good critics from the art society and different artists
sadly not a lot on Behance or Artstation which was weird because i use them more often than the usual social media platforms

Alaa Adel

concept artist and illustrator

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