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Karina Lopez
February 28, 2018
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Whenever possible I like to animate my work, and practice using different tools in Illustrator. I also use photoshop to then animate it, I wanted to create a new character for my illustration series the Demi Gods.
She is one of a few I have in mind.

I mix my love of Japanese pop art style with my own and Demi Gods are really popular in manga and anime.
I created Fox girl because I love the word Kitsune in Japanese and I wanted to make something with it.

I normally start with a sketch on paper ,scan it and clean it up in photoshop. After that I open up illustrator.
I work with one layer only, so I use the locking option in Illustrator a lot.
My main tools are the pen, pathfinder, and pencil tools.
I use a Wacom Cintique 13" and the newest version of illustrator.
Normally i start with the flat colors and to lay out a foundation and this is where i look at my swatches and try to come up with a color combination that will look nice in a dark tone or light. In this case i knew i was making a dark scene so red and yellow still pop in that environment.

People liked it, I think because I show an animation of my piece , normally i make stand alone pieces.
So by adding just the slightest movement brings life to the character and sparks an interest in others.
When ever I want to animate a piece I learned to duplicate layers in illustrator and make the pieces i want to move with as little anchor points as possible that way when ever I create the frames for animation they aren't distorted too much. I animate in photoshop and have been learning more animation as I go along.

Enjoy, draw and practice, the more you showcase your work the more confident you will get , and just try something new.

Karina Lopez

Hello, Im Karina Lopez, Illustrator and graphic designer.
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