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Kuan Ee Lau
July 18, 2018

Origin Design gives the medieval candle holder a modern twist by incorporating clean geometric shapes to it. As compared to the traditional candle holders. Frames is able to be situated at modern dinner tables while not looking out of place. With stainless steel as the core material, it is a timeless design that will not deteriorate with time.

The idea came when i realize that people like to have candle light dinners as they provided a nice ambience. However, the existing candle holder were either to simple or too traditional . A traditional medieval candle holder is nice, but it doesn't go well with modern deco, thus i redesigned the candle holder, while retaining the core material of bronze finish and still creating the modern feel through the clean shapes and form.

Rhino 3D and Keyshot was used Photoshop was used to touch up. I used rhino 3D to created the 3D CAD drawing , After which i imported the project into Keyshot to render. Material were chosen from keyshot material library to best symbolize bronze. Image rendered was then imported into photoshop and touched up.

The general discussion was that it is a nice redesign from the old medieval candle holder. The Clean and geometrical shapes struck a chord with majority of people, they liked how it is clean and geometrical as it would fit very well into any deco.

Kuan Ee Lau

Origin Design is a group of 5 multidisciplinary designers with different interest and style but having a firm belief that everything has an origin and starting point at some point of our lives. Design itself is the same way for us, over time, we would observe trends, materials and products. Therefore we had come together as a team to be able to deliver a superb innovative design.

​Our Mission:
To utilize our skills in helping our clients in refining their inspiring ideas into innovative solutions.

Our Vision:
To provide our clients and the industry with more good design.

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