‘Francov is eager to present a different perspective of people, in particular the people I photograph. That being to discover a different layer to my vision and the vision of the model. Taking this into account, it was key to include her hobbies and interests into the photo shoot. Our combined work process and difference in artistic styles, then led the photo shoot to become an ethereal natural composition.

I have admiration for the work of Cristina ( and I wanted to take pictures of her for a long time, suddenly I just asked her and she gladly accepted to help me. My main idea was to show her as she is, mixed with my way to do my work. I looked for an outside session in a very natural enviroment, due she likes to travel was perfect for a little trip to discover the location the same day.

My canon 6D, a 50mm 1.4f and 85mm 1.8f are my friends in almost all my sessions. My workflow is usually small corrections on Lightroom and full post production in color and details on photoshop, after going back to lightroom and export the photographs.

I was really excited when I made selection in lightroom because I got exactly what I was looking for, which made the selection process quite difficult.

I maintain to have no fear with audience response, I look forward to hearing what the audience think and initially feel about my work. it was also incredibly helpful that Francov is in the same artistic environment. She encouraged me to keep pushing my work out there even more so, and that having no fear and instead pride for your work, will only further enhance the art.

Feel free to share all your opinions what you think could help to enhance my work. Show me your work I´m always hungry to know more people and theit amazing work!

Alejandro Amsel

My first name is Mirsha, Mexican Traveller and more Photographer than Designer living in Aguascalientes, Mexico and for a while in Dublin, Ireland…