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Frank D Murphy Program - Official Website/Rebrand

Frank D Murphy Program - Official Website/Rebrand

Michael Bigos
August 28, 2017
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Long time client/friend needed a rebrand for his entire "FDM Enterprise" Organization to include his programs/outreach for youth athletics and program curriculum. We began with a total re-branding system which included 3 all new logo-systems and initiated a new web interface to accompany the three entities. It was a start, but a long way to go as content develops and his organization grows.

The Client really likes the hometown (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) color schema and having been an NFL player and a veteran of this same team, I took liberty to give his overall brand/site the look I felt would resinate with the community and make the Client proud to showcase/share his new marketing approach.

Software I used to create and develop the branding/marketing collateral consisted of the following: Adobe CC: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign Web: WordPress CMS/Plugins. We tackled this overall effort much like you would if you are an agency - discovery, define scope & objectives, agree on strategy, then it's off to designing/comps/mood-boards etc... Until we arrive at a viable solution and we know, we are at a roughly 80-90% solution with the understanding the brand and touch-points will evolve more and more along the way.

There have been great reviews from the Client's immediate circle as well as his TA(s). Considering where he came from with his marketing/digital collateral, it has been a fresh start to a many new chapters in the organizations' journeys.

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Michael Bigos

Brand Specialist with Marketing and Creative Strategy experience. Proven history of cross-functional team leadership and brand development with a committed passion for design-as-a-solution and a positive team-culture approach. Out-of-the-box thinker with detailed study of the internal and external customer experience.

Areas of expertise:

• Brand Design & Development
• Marketing Collateral Design & Production
• Visual Communications and (Desktop Publishing)
• Direct Sales & Digital Design
• Web/Mobile User Experience & Interface Design
• External & Internal Communications Management
• Annual Budget Development & Management
• Simply fortunate to be able to inspire people!

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