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Fredrick Prince Jewelry by Magdalena M.

Fredrick Prince Jewelry by Magdalena M.

Jon Paylaga
August 23, 2015
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This summer campaign was created for a Canadian hand crafted jewelry label
Conceptually we aimed for a bright, high-contrast look with lots of glowing skin and wet hair.
The day of the shoot was a downpour, so I wasn't able to set up any external lighting - I had to rely on natural light and hand held reflector as fill.

-Magdalena M.



It was a challenge to finish while the rain persisted, but the team pushed through to complete all the looks we intended. We all got soaked but it was worth it to utilize the beautiful location we secured for the day.

-Magdalena M.





Team Credits:
Fredrick Prince Jewelry: Designer Melissa De Luca
Makeup & Hair: Justine Sly, The Beauty Team
Nails: Ky Scott
Model: Lauren

About Magdalena M.

Magdalena M is an internationally published commercial photographer with a client base in fashion, advertising and interiors. Previously a clothing designer, Magdalena has merged her love of design and compelling imagery into a career in photography.
With over a decade of industry experience, Magdalena has a unique ability to integrate these disciplines in her photographic approach.
Currently based in Toronto, available for bookings worldwide. You can find more of her works by visiting her website and Behance profile.

One comment on “Fredrick Prince Jewelry by Magdalena M.”

  1. Gorgeous jewelry! I like the way that it was modeled, too, and the concept of the shoot. I will have to look into this jewelry further, too, it's really cute and if it isn;t too expensive I would love to buy a few pieces. Thanks for sharing!

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