FREE Font Firefly 2015 by Sean Coady

I set out to create a fairly rough font with an obvious hand-drawn aesthetic. With that said, I drew most of the characters in one shot, in one sitting, though I did have to go and redraw a few of them to keep consistency. Like I said, I wanted to make sure it had a very authentic hand-made quality (and I was extremely busy with several other things at the time). The way I’ve presented it on Behance is just one of many ways it could be used, I think it has potential for a wide variety of styles or motifs. To celebrate the success of my font Highbinder I’m releasing the quarky hand drawn serif Firefly, for FREE.

-Sean Coady


About Sean Coady

Sean Coady is a logo & type designer from Canada. He have been a professional graphic designer for the past 2 years, which has led to composing fonts and creating brand identities as his specialty. In his short time in this industry, he have had the privilege of creating and working on identities with multi-national organizations & companies, as well as having his type faces featured all over the internet. Aside from the work that he do, he enjoys writing and recording music, blogging, and as of lately producing content for his Youtube channel. He have lived all across Canada, and don’t plan on settling down any time soon. You can find more of his artworks by visiting his Behance profile.