60 photos are combined and united into one big strip. The project depicts my impressions of visiting Munich, showing how some experiences flow into others. It is also an attempt to fit many different images into something one and the same.

I wanted to convey the impressions of a bright, busy day. Something like scrolling a tape of memories at the end of the day before going to bed. One big impression is divided into many smaller ones, shining in different colors. At the junctions and transitions of various impressions, new ones are formed, which are difficult to convey by standard photo means.

To create this project, I had to process a picture with a size of 170 Mpx, for this I used a lot of smart objects in Photoshop. The process of creating the project consisted of gradually overlapping the images from top to bottom, then I made a general correction of colors and contrast for the entire image and finalized some details.

I wanted to convey the feeling of “falling into the tunnel,” but since this is a tunnel of memories, we can not only fall down, but also fly freely in this infinite closed space of memory. Some viewers wrote that they had not seen such a style before and that the project reflected what was happening inside the head.

Sergey Egorov