FREEWAY visual identity and services showcasing

the project is a visual identity and company services showcasing, both are designed to represent the nostalgic 80’s style in a more modern design landing in a design that is both complex and tidy so it stays pleasing to the eye

you can also check the full project on Behance

FREEWAY is a media company based in Tripoli,Libya
they wanted to make a visual identity that is deffrent but still familiar to the customers .
since the majority of the customers were born in 70’s and 80’s I wanted to target them with something that is nostalgic and keep the design simple so the design stays modern and catchy.
I chose the 80’s style with some standing out colours like purple and cyan, purple can get really worm while the cyan is a cold colour which is perfect for the design to stand out.

I also illustrated milestones and buildings of the country where FREEWAY is based so the customers can feel really attached to the design.

I started illustrating buildings and milestones using Adobe illustrator then i stared asking people whom are born in the 70″s and 80’s “what do you love the most about your childhood?” and “what is the most valuable thing to you at that time?”
so i can gather more knowledge and creat an idea for the design.
i landed with a mixtape and an old tv, also the idea of astronauts is pleasing to me, so I used that to showcase the company services and i used the buildings and the milestones to introduce the company in their first post.
I also designed the cover video and made it feel more like a simulation coz that’s what the 80’s style is all about

I also used photoshop for retouching and adobe after effects to make motion to the design.

people responded in a way i didn’t expect, it was a big secssess for the company, most of the audience engaged to the company’s first post on facebook eather by commenting about the buildings and the milestones or by tagging other people to see the design.

as complex the 80’s style as it can get i still wanted to make it simple, so i made the logo to me simple and bold.

Ayoub Ahmed

I’m a media creator with passion for cinematography, graphic design and filmmaking, I’m also interested in motion graphics.