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Freshpet Egypt Branding Project

Freshpet Egypt Branding Project

Omar Salah
October 17, 2017
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This branding project was made for Freshpet Egypt. An individual startup business that specializes in selling fresh, homemade and all natural pet food.
I was asked to design a logo,business card and a some social media assets.

The brand is divided into two elements :

-The Soil and the leaves : All Natural and fresh (Fresh)
-The Bone : Pet food (Pet)

The Logo can be used on it's own or along with FreshPet Egypt Brand Name as seen above.

I always start sketching before approaching any design software, I find it helps me brainstorm without wasting much time. Then i refine my sketches and scan them, after that i begin designing some concepts that may or may not see the light of the day. I usually end up with 2 or 3 main concepts that the client is free to choose from.

I divided the brand name into two elements : Fresh and Pet

I first started with pet, I began sketching some dogs, cats and various other pets. But i then realized the brand inst about the animal itself its about the food that is served. So i started again from scratch but then this time i started sketching various shapes that are symbols to pet food. A food bowl, a food bag and many other concepts. However i ended up with the bone as i found it the simplest most eye catching symbol and traditionally known for pet food.

Then I went on to the other element which is Fresh. I kept thinking what do i relate freshness to, Then i began to think it's all about the soil and the green vegetables and plants. So i said to myself why not incorporate the bone with the soil and the greens. That's how i reached my final concept and began working on it.

The colors were very obvious to me as soil is brown and the greens are ,oh well, green. I went with the grey bone as to kinda make a contrast between all the logo elements. I've tried various shades of greens, greys and browns till i reached what i thought was satisfying.

I've started as i said earlier with sketching then after scanning the sketch cleaned it in Photoshop and imported it to Illustrator where I finished the logo design.

I have had a long journey with print design, after all it's my specialty. I've approached the business card design as i always do by starting right into Photoshop. I placed my flat colors at first, divided my cars into two pieces where the information will sit in. I added kept experimenting with different logo designs on the card's back till i settled on the white minimal one. However i felt the background still lacked something, it was a little too minimal if I may say. I fixed it by adding a pattern that further strengthens the brand name and adds to it.

Then I went on to the card's front, The information shown is a placeholder due to privacy concerns. I added a neutral color, Grey, which is found works quite well with both the green and the brown background. Then i added the same pattern to the front to make both the front and the back adhere together visually. The information was written in black to add contrast which is a key detail to business card design.

The Brand owner was very impressed with the concept and the final version. He said he found it to be remarkable and certainly added some " Freshness" to his brand. This branding will also help him with the next stage of expanding further as he was working locally at the moment.

I certainly learned a lot from this project. Every project i take on adds something to me and helps me move forward and pushes me onward to be a better designer. This project had a great sentimental value to me as well as it's located in Egypt my home country, I felt i had a connection with the brand.

Omar Salah

I've been a graphic designer for 6 years. I was 13 when I fell in love for graphic design and this relationship still continues.

My first design was some game UI Elements for a school project. When i see it now I see how much my skills have gotten better, sharpened and polished through the years. I wonder where I'll be 10 years from today.

I would describe myself as reliable, easy to reach and always delivering high quality product.

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