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Fro Fro

Fro Fro

September 3, 2016
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FRO FRO™ is a new ice cream cookie brand. Sold primarily in supermarkets, it needed to stand out on the shelf amongst household brands like Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. We set out to create a brand that feels reliable and provocative at the same time, in order to make shoppers curious enough to pick out the product. A simple and catchy brand name was conceived to create a lasting impression, especially on kids.

The brand started with a naming process where we settled on the name Fro Fro, which derived from the word "frozen". We like the sound and vibe of it. As a name, it captures the spirit of the brand – one that is quirky and curious. From there on, we looked into color palettes and also art direction of the brand. Fro Fro relies on imagery to tell its brand story and personality and as such, we drew our reference from photography. We conceptualised, planned and sketched the shots with the vibe in mind.

We did a lot of visual references and came up with mood boards to nail down the specific vibe of the brand. This was necessary as Fro Fro is an image-driven brand. With the references, we were able to conceptualise, plan and sketch the shots. Translating the shots from sketches to real life photographs was the challenging part which took a lot of time and effort. We had to make sure the product was captured accurately and also that our concepts for the photos are realistic to achieve.

The brand just launched recently, so it's hard to gauge the public's response at this time. As for takeaway learning experiences of the project – be prepared for anything and everything to happen, improvise and to try not to use real food when shooting (especially when your product has a tendency to drip).


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