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Carmelo Motta
October 31, 2017
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What is Frog Box? With a roll-out playmat and adorable frog body, this unique and fun take on a toy box was designed and built for play. Frog Box is a space saving, knee safe solution for your little one.

I came up with the idea while playing with my little cousins. I noticed they were experiencing knee pains while playing on their hardwood floor. They didn't want to play on carpet since it was away from their toybox. This is where I got the idea to combine both the toy box and playmat. The frog inspiration came out the blue but makes perfect sense for this application. The tongue which is essentially a yoga mat acts as a playmat for the child. Allowing the tongue/playmat to roll up allows for a space-saving storage solution for compact spaces.

I used SolidWorks to create the 3D model. I then brought it into Keyshot to render the images and used photoshop to organize the boards as well as touch up the renders. I eventual used the SolidWorks model to 3D print a 1/8 scale model for reference.

The response I got for this project was amazing. Everyone I show seems to think this is a unique and useful solution. From this project, I learnt its important to connect with what you're designing, it not only makes the process more fun but makes for a better result.

Carmelo Motta

Montreal, Canada

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