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Front-Steering System

Front-Steering System

Keke LE
August 13, 2016
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To re-build a driving experience compatible for the autonomous driving future, the FRONT-STEERING SYSTEM(FSS) is able to sync customised and informationized life events to personal vehicle, based on that, the system could momently estimate the next destination in the most seamless way without any mechanical input.

A new interaction and its interface are re-settled and combined with the steer wheel thanks to autonomous driving, so that people could interact with the FSS more directly and comfortably in regardless of eye-distraction. Meanwhile manual and auto-driving switching is kept for those driving lovers and special cases.

Actually, it is a part of the project "Seamless Mobility" which aims to solve problem of nowadays transportation and people's mobility and improve them with concrete design. This time, I focus on personal vehicle, especially for the autonomous driving. Although there are still many arguments in autonomous driving,in my view, we as designer still need to pay attention for pushing our life and world stepping forward.

During the inspiration period, I had a research and find a gap even in autonomous driving. No matter manual or autonomous driving, drivers' behaviours are always follow the below process:
Input > Calculate > Output. In case of manual driving, firstly, setting a destination in mind; then, memorising routes and direction in mind; finally, steering and driving. For autonomous driving, the latter two step would be taken charge by cars. But the first input step, drivers still have to give a order to their cars every time stepping in the car. So we can say it is still partly autonomous if this gap does not be solved. That is why I come up with the idea of Front-steering system to connect input, calculate and output more seamlessly in this project.

Because there are three main outcomes of the Front-steering system: Steering wheel redesign, the interaction system and mobile terminal. As a result, I use different and special tools and software for designing them respectively.

With Wacom intuos pro and Adobe photoshop, I sketched proposal for redesigning steering wheel. And for the interaction system and mobile terminal, I used Adobe illustrator for sketching stuff and information visualisation like building info-architecture and wireframe. Then I used PS again for graphic user interface. Of course, I also did the prototype and video for the final exhibition with Principle and Adobe After Effect.

As what I mentioned above, the visitors sometimes put more attention on the feasibility and security of autonomous driving, which is understandable. But for my conception, people like to accept it and give me high compliment. Even some people feel this is a real project for Volvo, instead which is just a personal conception for Volvo's autonomous driving.

Keke LE

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