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Frost Eyewear — Brand Communication

Frost Eyewear — Brand Communication

Felix Finger
October 10, 2019
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Frost is an eyewear manufacturer based in the South of Germany close to the Black Forest. The brand is internationally known for its unique and extrovert glasses and combining them with contemporary fashion trends. This proposal shows digital as well as print communication, which aims to make the brands diversity and local origin visually tangible.

Since the brands upmarket glasses look very funky and out of the ordinary to highlight contemporary looks, the intention was to propose a visual identity with a very extrovert as well as a modern tonality. The company is founded and currently located in the Black Forest, which is a region with strong heritage and living traditions. All of these aspects are the base of building a new visual appearance and language for the brand.

The bold and striking tone of red in combination with black is inspired by the traditional costume of the region (Bollenhut). The style of typography and illustrations was derived from woodcut and letterpress printing and underlines the brand's craftsmanship and dedication for perfection as well as authenticity for each item. The visual identity enables the brand to tell various tales about their products. It makes people dive into another world like looking through some glasses telling a unique story.

I mainly worked with Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I started off by working out the brands core values, attitudes, dedications, qualities and origin in order to get the first direction for the visual tonality. I soon started to realize that parts of their imagery already showed interesting aspects of combining modern and traditional aspects. So I decided to focus on that and tried to find a way to turn this into a visual appearance. Therefore I did different moodboards and collected inspirational visual content for illustrations, colors and typography. I then experimented with the style, always keeping in mind that the style needs to be transferred to any application like screen design, packaging or advertisements easily. The design also needed wo work well together with the imagery already existing. The illustrations were completely done in Adobe Photoshop.

Unfortunately the project was never realized because of some unexpected internal changes during the execution. For me this was a real bummer, because I really liked the outcome and felt like it would be a pity to leave this one in my desk drawer gathering dust. And I was proven right, because the response was great so far! The project got featured on a couple of platforms and pulled some attention. This experience showed me, that it's always worth to deliver high quality work. Even if the projects wouldn't come to life, it can end up as an inspirational source for other people and demonstrates the dedication you put into every single project.

Felix Finger

Hey, my name is Felix Finger. I am a freelancing Creative Concepter, Designer & Photographer from Munich, Germany. I do love creating strong brands, my shutter's noise and icicles hanging from my nose. I am always excited about getting in touch with new people and do exciting stuff. Feel free to drop me a line!

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