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FTLON Web Design by Robbert Schefman

FTLON Web Design by Robbert Schefman

Stephen Malapote
July 2, 2015

Either by impulsive inspiration or simply to add to their long list of brilliant works, personal project are truly impressive. Most often this is because the artist is beyond the restraints of commercial objective, hence, more freedom to explore and create. Today we feature a personal web design project by Robbery Schefman. Find out why and read on!

FTLON is a concept for a website I had in mind for quite a while. It documents my travels in a creative way. You can choose your "country" and filter "nature" or "wildlife" to enjoy its flora and fauna. * This is a personal project, and is fictional (not for commercial use).



About the Designer

Robbert is a multidisciplinary designer who like to engage in challenging projects. Find more about him through Behance.

2 comments on “FTLON Web Design by Robbert Schefman”

  1. Really amazing work. I'm about to go travel South America for a year, this has given me some inspiration for a side project while traveling.

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