Fun at the Fairground

A simple but fun pattern I created first from drawing fairground rides and attractions in my sketchbook- then coloring them digitally and turning them into a pattern made of pastel colors that remind me of summer at a British fair.

I’ve always enjoyed fairs and places that involve lots of color and energy, I thought of doing a pattern reflecting the elements of your typical fairground from the sweets, prizes, rides. I didn’t want to overdo it with vivid colors, rather keep it simple and sweet (like their popcorn and toffee apples!)

First was a simple ink pen and sketchbook, then scanning the images and coloring them in Photoshop, filling in the details and taking away the original line art layer leaving the drawings with a vector style finish. I like to play around with the colors and see what collaborates with the theme, also tidying up any messy parts of the drawings.

People responded pretty well, although I find you can never know for sure how a piece of yours will get received, and what is really popular on one site can get no attention at all on another. Regardless I’d say this is one of my favorite patterns I’ve created.

At times (or rather almost always) I question, should i keep creating patterns? try something new? Continue using my favorite styles or rather switch it completely…but I guess you’ve got to create the art you enjoy and the work that doesn’t make you question what you’re doing but rather thrive along with it.

Yasmin Morris

Freelance illustrator, keeps drawing, don’t know where I’m going