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Fun Children's Illustration!

Fun Children's Illustration!

Kenny Kiernan
June 21, 2018
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This is a collection of many different commercial illustration projects over the last few years. I'm FINALLY getting serious about organizing and promoting my Behance profile, so you'll see there are some newer Projects published there that are more focused. But you can get an idea of the various styles I work in from this one!

I have always loved cartoons, animation, comics and commercial illustration for advertising and products, which is where I draw my inspiration from. I'm self-taught and still learning all the time - so I'm always on the lookout to pick up new methods, techniques and tricks!

I sketch directly in Photoshop on my Cintiq 21UX monitor, then recreate my hand-drawn work in vector. Some finished pieces are done all in vector for that clean, graphic line-and-color style. For my dimensional digital painting style, I then go to Photoshop for adding color, texture, shading, highlights and other special effects.

At the moment there are two Projects on my Behance profile that show my steps and Work-In-Progress (WIP), and I think are best representative of my current style. Please take a look at "Mad Scientist with Brain!" ( and Barbarian Viking Warrior and Shield Maiden (
These show the steps in my digital painting technique these days; from rough incomprehensible scribbles to the finished product!

I'm learning all the time! I think an artist in any medium should always be open to learning more effective (and for a commercial illustrator like myself, more EFFICIENT) ways of bringing what you have in your head to reality. I've gotten a few comments on these works overall as a collected Behance post, but yes all of the work has gotten positive feedback from its intended audience at the time of its creation, I'm thankful to say!

Keep developing and learning! Occasionally look at the difference between your current work and your work from a year or two ago, it can be very inspiring.

Kenny Kiernan

I'm a 2D and vector illustrator, character designer, concept and comic artist with 20+ years experience in advertising, publishing, editorial, toys, games, and product packaging. Download my portfolio PDF at

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