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Funhaus Concept App by Tyler Hendry

Funhaus Concept App by Tyler Hendry

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July 8, 2015
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Funhaus is Rooster Teeth's latest gaming channel. According to their YouTube about me section, "a bunch of dudes who play games. Does that mean we only play games? No - we've also got podcasts and fan Qs&As...about games. Mainly. Funhaus Concept App by Interactive Multimedia Design Student Tyler Hendry aims to provide people a platform where they could easily access content and at the same time interact with fellow fans of Funhaus.

The Funhaus app was built for a YouTube community. Each design aspect behind the app was built to show off more than just product placement for the brand Funhaus. I wanted to design an app that a user did not have to navigate from page to page every time they wanted to do something new. The design was based highly off trying to differ from the “normal” app to date. Why scroll up and down, when you can scroll side to side. It’s hard to keep an app simple when you are trying to keep a user on one page, that’s where the design becomes so crucial. Using clean and flat icons helped keep the page a bit more cleanly.
-Tyler Hendry




The inspiration behind this app was simple. What would the community want? The community behind Funhaus is very active. I wanted them to see an app where they can get all the content from Funhaus group, with work from other people in the community. That’s where the difference this app may have over others, the app does not have a set homepage. You are always changing it, with the amount of content companies produce in today’s media; it’s hard to find exactly what you want. That is why the I added the sections, if you want to see every category in that section add it to your homepage, only want one type of video in that section? Only get updates on that single video.

-Tyler Hendry

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For aspiring artist, you need to remember, we live in a world that anyone can see your work now. It is one click away from being uploaded and being reached by thousands. You work is going to inspire another artist, always. Don’t ever stop because you may be one step away from your goal.

-Tyler Hendry


About Tyler Hendry

Tyler Hendry is currently a student at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario taking Interactive Multimedia Design. He has been designing outside of school for many years, and have always been intrigued with all Adobe products. Learning as much as he can about each program is what he strives for, the capabilities with each product are truly amazing to help people work faster and sharpen up design skills. See more of Tyler's work at Behance.

One comment on “Funhaus Concept App by Tyler Hendry”

  1. I am a fan of these guys, I hope this will be available in the market. It would definitely make them accessible and would be fun to interact with other fan of this show.

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