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Future Girl

Future Girl

Nicolas Bascal
July 6, 2016

This project "Future Girl" was devised because I wanted to show something futuristic, without losing the style of my photographs, and try to create something in study rather than the typical photograph with a colour background. I wanted to put together in a studio, a place that existed only in my head, and it was time to make it "real".

Photography and Retouching: Nicolas Bascal
Model: Caro Valiente
Make up: Gisela Guerrero.
Patagonia, Argentina.

The idea came to me one day I was watching some photos from other artists trying to portray women in different times from today. Then I thought, how will women feel in the future? Will they continue dealing with the same problems? I don't know. But it's not going to be a weak woman, despite having to keep fighting. The colors that conveyed me more idea of the future were blue, silver and magenta. So I started looking for achieve those colors from studio flashes that I built in my own home. One of the highlights was the selection of the model and especially the make up artist that made a work of art on the skin.

I made the colors from the lights, using color filters in front of the flashes. Then in post production, I used Adobe ligthroom to correct some nuances, and to highlight the colors of the filters. In the end, I used Adobe Photoshop to make the skin look a little smoother, add textures and better lighting.

People responded well to the project, they asked me where did I take the pictures, how did I do the effects, and where the idea came from.
All my friends contacted me to congratulate me for work and post production that had the series of photographs of future girl.

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Nicolas Bascal

I was born in 1992 in Cipolletti, Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina. From an early age I loved it relate to other people, and even today, I've saved millions of moments in my interacting with me who will cross ahead memory. The photographs are memories for me.
I started with photography because I studied Media Arts, Film and New Media and so I have a deep love for film, and indispensably for still photography.
As need to work, there was no other way which would appeal than the picture, so I started working in social events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc.
Very soon I come my passion for fashion and advertising photography; as well as documentary photography, digital retouching and design.
- I love doing a little of everything, always with dedication, passion and great responsibility!
So I make videos, I edit, I make youtube videos and tutorials, I do animations, motion graphics, I like to teach on post production, sing, play instruments, I love to eat a lot and I am fascinated by many things!
I live in Argentina, and I expect mobility to work anywhere in the country.
For travel outside the country, check

2 comments on “Future Girl”

  1. Awesome shoot, really like the colors! Also kinds of remind me of "This Is What You Came For" music video :)

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