Sometimes last minute, unplanned shoots are the most special ones.
This project created during my trip to Tafraoute and had the opportunity to register these children, who in a world of difficult truths, made reality a simple life.

I chose Tafraoute because it is my grandparents city, a place with different types of landscapes, as well as being known as a very culturally rich country, with places like Tafraoute Lmouloud. But in the end, what impressed me there, were not the landscapes, but the people!

I shot with an Canon Mark III, 18–200 mm. I then used Adobe Photoshop for editing the material. I focused on a natural look.
I realized that the way to be traveled until then was extremely rich of moments. So I left my camera fully prepared to capture special moments.

I published this project a few days ago at Behance, and until now I was very happy with the result. Everyone who came in and contacted me was very kind and praised my work. I was very happy with the invitation made by www.designideas.pics to publish my work here, it is an honor to be with such incredible artists.

I believe that the photos are to be able to share with a different perspective, because we are all different and we perceive the world in a different way and another vision.

My learning was that one has to see the world with a different perspective and understand how natural light works and how you can manipulated.

Othman Benjakkal