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Futuristic Sustainable Mountain Pod

Futuristic Sustainable Mountain Pod

Ehab Alhariri
June 11, 2018
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A Futuristic smart sustainable mountain pod designed to utilize solar power using a mechanism that allow it to open up like a flower when its sunny which charge up the pod and give it a 360° view of the surrounding, the mechanism could also potentially allow the pod to collect rain water to be self sufficient and of the grid hide out.

As an architect I've been always fascinated by motion in architecture, buildings that can interact with the environment and change function or form when needed, Adding that to sustainable and green architecture came the idea of the futuristic style pod.

first step was to express the idea by sketching and finding the perfect balance between form and function, Second step was to realize it using 3D Studio Max and tinker with the model until it reflected the design I had in mind, 3rd step was getting the animation to work as it was supranational to the design, 4th step was to create the environment and for that I used Lumion which have great and easy tools to create a stunning Mountainous surrounding.

It received a great response from collages and fellow architects, it generated a discussion about the visibility and viability of such an idea and it implantation in the real world, but for sure it's worth the time to explore it potentials.

Ehab Alhariri

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