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Futuristic vehicle concept

Futuristic vehicle concept

Luis Oblitas
March 26, 2020

This is a concept of a futuristic vehicle that provide people to enjoy their travel while they are listening to music, talking, etc. Is a new way of transportation because it can float up and does not have wheels as in our times.

The idea arises because i think the transportation in the future would be more easier. About the color, I used black because it gives to the product a unique style. In the case of the material, in the future there will be many materials that robots could use.

First of all, I did many sketches thinking about the future, transportation, etc. in order to arrive to the final product (concept). Then I used 3dmax to modify specific things in the 3d's composition. At the end, I did the renders and I added some things like people silhouette in Adobe Illustrator in order to have the final product.

About this project, I learned that for creativity there is not limites. In addition, I consider that my projects could help as ideas to people when they are making new products. Therefore, I usually post these projects on behance and instagram, many people on instagram like, coment but on behance is different.

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Luis Oblitas

Hi, I'm Luis, a freelance industrial designer based in Lima, Perú.
I like to create product concepts in order to show how would be the future.
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