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Fuzzy Front End - WATERPOP

Fuzzy Front End - WATERPOP

Cátia Carvalho
May 4, 2018

This product called WATERPOP is for use in the pool, to drinking a cocktail, eating ships and enjoying the good weather with family or friends in the pool. This group project was made for a company Plastimar through Minho University

This group project was made for a company Plastimar through university Minho, and we had to make a product with polystyrene. After this, we studied the proprieties of the material and decided to create a product for pools. Then we look up an inspiration form, the water lily. The colors wast inspired on the animals and the colors of the sea. After several sketches, we decided for hexagonal form.

The material used on the project was polystyrene, and it was used a 3d software to make the exhibitor. And of course was necessary a students group for making the concept, the idea, and the rest of project.
For the landscape was uses the Adobe Photoshop.

People look to this project as a product design work, because is very different from the others in the market, and you can understand the concept behind it.
We learn everything in this project, like important information about the material, like how to make a completed work, from the beginning until the end, and how to work in a group.

Cátia Carvalho

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