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G Smart Bottle by Roland Lehle

G Smart Bottle by Roland Lehle

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November 1, 2015
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How cool would it be if your water bottle provides you vital information about your water intake? Roland Lehle's diploma topic for Akademie U5 is just like that. "G Bottle" is a intelligent water/sports bottle, that keeps you hydrated in every situation. Compared to other smart-bottle concepts, G Bottle measures with a companion app your actual activity, your body properties and your surrounding like temperature and humidity. It follows a more accurate algorithm – So G Bottle tells you exactly how much you have to drink, to improve your quality of life.

The design is deliberately minimalist, pure and clean – it is even clinically. This ensures and forms the trust with the customers, since water consumption is a very important topic of human health. My product is also a product for fitness-lover and quantified self follower. That's why there are smashing colors to keep the balance between clinical design and fitness design.
-Roland Lehle




My inspiration in inventing new products is always to improve and facilitate people’s daily lives. I want to connect our analog lives with the digital world without making people starring on their displays all the time. Also new products should make us happy looking at it and proud wearing it.
-Roland Lehle




A big benefit of the concept is – like said above – G Bottle measures your actual activity, properties and surroundings instead of only set a simple timer of sips. My focus was on the smartphone- and smartwatch app. So the app design (as well as the product design) has a well thought through user experience and operating concept. That makes the product easy to understand and fun to look at with all the animations and transitions.
-Roland Lehle





My style is hard to explain. Some people would say, my design style is a bit foggy without loosing contrast and beauty. I would say, it is a combination of all good stuff out there – It’s no flat design and no isomorphic design. It is maybe between them but different. I said it’s hard to explain ;-) My inspiration is definitely google with it’s material design. I think this is the hot stuff from this year trends. Furthermore I take much inspiration from blogs and news feeds.
-Roland Lehle


I take most of my inspiration from people surrounding me: One of the most important things as an emerging designer like me is to have mentors from time to time. Best thing is to jump from mentor to mentor and make them your friends. You can learn so much from each other.
-Roland Lehle

About Roland Lehle

Roland Lehle is currently working for Phoenix Design as user experience designer in Munich. Phoenix Design is one of the most successful design offices for product- and user experience design. Furthermore he's current Adobe Fav: Adobe has portrayed Roland in it’s current madethis-campaigne. You can see the video here. See more of his work Behance.

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