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Galadriel - Wine Label Design

Galadriel - Wine Label Design

Zachary Amato
February 7, 2018
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Galadriel is a packaging / label design concept exploration piece based off of the character, "Galadriel" from The Lord of the Rings. In this piece I wanted to capture her light and radiance with an intricate and elegant design. I wanted the overall aesthetic of the label and bottle to have a luxurious, or higher end feel to it that would create a solid shelf presence.

For this piece, I wanted to design a wine label with a luxurious and elegant aesthetic. For this to work, I needed good subject matter. Galadriel popped in my head as she encapsulates beauty, strength and elegance, which is exactly what I wanted to incorporate in the design.

This concept originally started off with a really loose sketch with pencil and paper. Once I scribbled my thoughts onto the paper and had the direction down, I began executing in Adobe Illustrator. Once completed, I then brought the vector version into Adobe Photoshop where I stylized the label more with color and textures to make it look more photo realistic on the mockup.

People tend to really like this piece, which I did intend to be very eye-catching. I am grateful for the positive feedback it has received. I learned patience from this project. A lot went into it, and after awhile in can be somewhat draining, but addictive at the same time upon seeing something meticulous come together!

The star in the middle of the design is made up of the multiple phials, which contains the light of Eärendil's star, as portrayed in the movie... which is where I got the idea for the name of the wine!

Zachary Amato

My name is Zachary Amato and I am sure that you assumed that I have been drawn to art and design since I was young! My art journey began as a little boy when I would stay up at night copying comic book drawings… I have been hooked ever since. From there I went off to obtain a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic design from the Illinois Institute of Art. Over the years, I have been constantly evolving and been on a relentless journey to forever refine my style, techniques and skills!

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