Gamal Abd Elnasser Museum

A military museum is due to President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the former Egyptian president, presenting some of the Egyptian army’s holdings and documentary films about the period and what Egypt was under this rule and the events that followed during the Egyptian army’s taking over and the form of military rule and developments on the economic, cultural and Arab levels.

The project was inspired by the idea of triple aggression against Egypt under the reign of President Gamal Abdel Nasser. This appears in the three prominent blocks of the building as a whole and the heart of the building shows Egypt as the heart and the heart of the world, which is difficult to control from any external enemy and is compelling to any enemy. Close between the color of military uniform and the modern style, the silver color reflected more than this.

I began to design the space by free hand and then began to design on Revit from the division of spaces to the composition of the museum block and then was put some touches on the Autocad and issued three-dimensional to the Sketch-Up and the material was placed on it and some blocks for the tank and aircraft and Gamal Abdel Nasser statue and an external theater then to render.

my professor appreciative of the project a lot and some of the professors and some of the architects of my friends and was impressed by some of the simplicity of land projection and the use of materials in the composition of three dimensions and the color that brings the color of military uniform and modernity, which is silver color.

the project consists of an external display such as the tank, plane, lake Nasser and the High Dam which was set in the era of Gamal Abd Elnasser.

mohamed hatem

I am an architect, an area of expertise in 3d design, landscape, architectural visualization, CAD documentation, 3d modeling, shop drawing and post production.

I can turned your thoughts by Autocad, Revit, sketchup and photoshop to real work.

I want to combine my design and architecture to renew thinking of design and taste, you can communicate with me if you are interested.