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Geometry of meanings.

Geometry of meanings.

Anastacia Sevast'en
February 12, 2019

This project is both a symbol and a lamp. But for me, first of all, it is a form that proves that a hexagram is a projection of versatility and only one of the angles of view on the world. “Merge” is a sign of the transition of consciousness to a new dimension. But this Item also has a practical use - a convenient source of light. Very soft, but directed, bright, but not blinding, technological and eco-friendly, all at the same time.

From school years, I come up with shapes, patterns, designs. Among others was this one. I found it in an old notebook, when my first lamps in this technique were already implemented. This is a kind of balance between form innovation and familiar classic joinery from solid oak.

At first many years ago there was an ordinary drawing in a notebook. Then, through trials and errors, I searched for optimal thickness of the “light line” in the wood mass. After that I designed and implemented strong connections between wooden parts. When it came to proportions, I used 3D editor (SketchUp). Needless to say that you can’t say about final assembly in few words, long story short it was a lot of work.

How people responded to this project I hope to find out after this publication. So far, not many have seen it. It could sounds trivially, but live this lamp is much more spectacular. Especially when a person walks around for some time and freezes as soon as he finds cherished point of view. At such moments I want to turn on some epic classic music.

When you look at this lamp from different sides, different characters could be guessed and behind every of them may be different beliefs or ideologies (even hostile to each other). I don’t want you to associate “Merge” with it. My goal is to make this design an evidence, that our world is more complex and larger than it seems to people who aren’t able to change their angle of view, to become a symbol of the fact that the merging of many viewing points creates one complete picture of the world.
I wish every viewer an impressive transition to an extra dimension!

It's more, than light. Geometry of meanings.

Lamps which you see in photos it's more, than light. It's the atmosphere of a unification of parts in whole.
Andrey Lazarev's works are not only philosophy, a special look and art vision. It also a game with space, and various opportunities to adjust light under the mood.
You can light up all surrounding objects.
You can muffle as much as possible lighting and create the quiet atmosphere.
You can adjust intensity of light, considering your desire at the concrete moment.
The lamp will create the atmosphere not only "beams", but also a form.
Arrange it as you want, and create the geometry. (Various sides of a volume figure will allow to change a habitual form of the lamp).
In work are used only natural materials (a tree, an oak) , the product is suitable for various styles. Its art geometry allows to use the lamp in various interiors.
Such lamp will always create mood, a cosiness and light! We will be glad to your comments and opinion on Andrey Lazarev's works!
The author creates not only lamps, but also a images, jewelry, and a lot of other beautiful and useful products;)
The author of article, model - Anastasia Orlova.
Author of the lamp and photos - Andrey Lazarev.

Anastacia Sevast'en

I'm a marketing specialist, art critic, philologist and drummer. I write articles, create concepts, I am engaged in the most different creativity. I have information on the objects or creativity of other talented people. I am glad to new acquaintances, and constructive communication) Most likely when you contact me, I will do something new))

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