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Girl Bedroom | Interior Design

Girl Bedroom | Interior Design

Bruno Coelho
November 28, 2020

Renovating a 15 year old teenager's room is a fun project because we focus on materializing the girl's personality and lifestyle in a harmonious space adapted to the requirements of her age. This project was simple to accomplish because her taste was in line with the style that identifies me the most: minimalist trends, natural colors and a soft, light environment.

When first sharing ideas, the girl's demands were established. In addition to the large bed, a simple study area and another area dedicated to beauty and personal care were important.
Being a small room, the study area was defined by the window, allowing the use of natural light. On the opposite side and next to the closet, a small dressing table and a mirror defined the beauty zone.
I opted for the white color for the furniture pieces, leaving the pink and hues of gray for the decorative elements, providing tranquility and balance to the environment.

In the development of this project, I used Autocad to draw the available space and understand the impact of the size of the furniture. After everything was well defined in 2D, I started adding volume to the space with 3DSMax, applying the furniture, colors, textures, giving life to the room. In the final rendering, I used Corona Renderer and, finally, Photoshop for the final adjustments.

It was a rewarding project because the girl loved the final result. It is always pleasant to see a child's smile and I feel privileged to achieve that. As for me, I was excited to deepen my knowledge, both in terms of interior design, and in the domain of the software used.

Bruno Coelho


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