Girl in Red

As a photographer, I’m most interested in colors at the moment. Maybe it’s shallow but I do. It’s a bit like I pay attention to specific elements of the image that I am trying to compose and build the atmosphere of the picture from them. This is difficult, so I’m glad that someone liked my version of red and white. I think it will be a wider project : Red & White. In addition, the beauty of the model – it is she who starts the whole project. I love cooperation with Karolina. She reminds me of Venus Botticelli.

Currently, the combination of white and red is fascinating for me. It draws me how deep and hot red is . And as in combination with a particular type of white, it calms down, it gets more elegant … Now we know why Santa Claus is wearing these colors;)

Camera and Photoshop 😉
To make this picture I used my Nikon d810 camera and beautiful model Karolina Kopicka . I used daylight because I do not like artificial light. All materials : backgrounds, pieces of clothing, a chair …. they always come to me in some way, and then I know that the picture begins to create beyond me 😉

You like it ? 😉
Of the many sessions that I do, that enjoys a special sympathy. I like her too. I think it’s also thanks to post-production. But I’m not a fan of slogging over the pictures as a retoucher.
And I’ve lern a lot. The next time the background I use can not be transparent 😉

Ewa Szabłowska

Born in 1981 ( old as hell… )
Professional photographer and retoucher specializing in fashion photography.
Passionate lover everything about Japan.
Eternally torn between prosaism and sublime.
Now based in Gdańsk, Poland.
Her works distinguish her by her delicate and feminine touch mixed with a strong sense of characters of the people she’s portraying.
Bookworm full of enthusiasm and passion to create.