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Girl in the Red Dress

Girl in the Red Dress

Kylan Amos
September 12, 2019
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This shoot is about the colours and glamour, the beauty of nature and the female form. I used the model Jai Amie for the shoot. A very simple production with minimal equipment in use for the shoot. The use of strong colours and relaxing atmosphere for a sensual photoshoot.

One day, coming home from somewhere, a nice sunny day, this large field with beautiful yellow flowers appeard on route, and the idea for a glamour, sensual carefree shoot started! The colours were great, and a beautiful model in red I thought would be ideal. I got permission to use the field, got the model and the rest was easy!
These are some of the results from that beautiful day.

The equipment used on this project from the day and post production was simple and easy. My Canon 6D with a Canon 50mm f1.2, Sigma 105mm & Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 lenses for the shoot. Post production I used Photoshop and DXO Nik software.

So far lots of positive reviews and comebacks on the images which is really encouraging. The beautiful day and strong colours used to give the images a happy relax feel to the erotic nature of the pictures. Looking forward to trying some more similar ideas in the future.

Kylan Amos

I'm a musician of many years, and photographer for the last few! Enjoy Glamour, erotica, horror, fantasy, sinister, fun, different and querky imagery.
Bored with normal!

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