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Girls Bedroom 2021 Yabroud

Girls Bedroom 2021 Yabroud

ʏ๏ᴜꜱꜱᴇꜰ ɢʜʌıᴛʜ
November 8, 2021
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Year: 2021

Location: Yabrud, Damascus Countryside, Syria.

Design wanted :
Modern, Cozy, Unique, with touch of softness.

The inspiration :
It was from the client wanted and personality.

It takes one week for the concept and 3D, and now the work is under construction.

3D Max Design (V-Ray), Autocad, Adobe Photoshop.


ʏ๏ᴜꜱꜱᴇꜰ ɢʜʌıᴛʜ

ʏ๏ᴜꜱꜱᴇꜰ ɢʜʌıᴛʜ provides architectural design, Interior design, Display & Exhibition stands, and showrooms.

Youssef's mission is to deliver his services as a freelancer to selected prospective clients, from individuals to companies, in any sort.

With his six years of international experience in this business, in several different countries like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Greece, Paraguay, Oman, and London, Youssef Ghaith Developed his knowledge, expertise, and skills, which became specialized in the following services:
1 - Architectural Design, 3D/CGI
2 - Interior design
3 - Display & Exhibition stands and showrooms
4 - Branding

Youssef's vision is to become globally recognized as a premier industry provider of design and execution. Youssef is committed to creative concepts, tangible results, evaluation, and continuous improvement.

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