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Glass Jars Blenders by Christina Fountoulaki

Glass Jars Blenders by Christina Fountoulaki

Honey Adraque
June 5, 2015

Our featured artist for today, Christina Fountoulaki, loves to explore the meaning of the ready-made products. She finds it very interesting and at the same time humorous to see everyday products that you already know with a specific usage and to have another functionality that you never imagined. This is what she did in her glass jars blenders project, she showed something in a humorous way but has another meaning to the products at the same time. Read on and may her project serves as an inspiration to you. Enjoy!

The reason that I decided to design blenders in my final project of my MA studies is just while some people would say that a kitchen blender is not an essential, others rely heavily on their blender and would be lost without one. A kitchen blender can make food preparation more efficient, thus saving time in the kitchen. And once you start using one, you'll be reaching for it more often for various uses. Buying a kitchen blender sounds like a simple task, but with different types and functions available, it takes some consideration to ensure your appliance purchase meets your needs.

- Christina Fountoulaki




I decided to use as the ready – made products, the Glass jars bottles instead of the normal blender bottles. The reason was that the most people already know these products nowadays. Designed to add real value and shelf appeal to your product, Glass jars bottles will entice your customers to invest something more than just a product, but rather a concept, and a great piece of design. These bottles are easy identified products to the people and someone can easily understand this product to work as a blender. The only difference between these bottles with the normal one is the usage and also that on the medium and large size of the Glass jars bottles needed an extra continue of a glass spiral on the bottom of them and a hole after in the end to put the cutter inside. With this way the Glass jars blenders and the cutters connected perfectly.

- Christina Fountoulaki




I wanted to make 3 different sizes of the blenders on my concept. For that reason I used one small size glass jar bottle 0.75ml, one medium 1lt and one large 1.5lt. The small size will be use for the trips, as it is small and can be transfer very easily, the medium one for the house / office and the large one for special events and parties as it has more space for more than 2 people in the same time. Furthermore, I wanted to present all the sizes together as simple as I could, because I wanted to emphasize on the Glass jars bottles. I was thinking that it will be perfect if I present them as a tree. The idea of the tree came for the reason that normally inside of the most glass jars bottles we can see jars of fruits. Also, the fruits came from the trees, so that was the best way of how I can present them. The idea is something simple, is just 3 rectangles that work as the bases of the blenders in 3 different sizes. That automatically shows that there are 3 different sizes of blenders. Moreover, the large one rectangle is a little bit bigger as the other two. That’s because there are two holes in the two of the four sides that can insert inside the other two rectangles for the small and the medium size and can present the whole tree together. The clever on that tree is that, if someone wants to buy and the three sizes of the blenders, he/she will buy the whole tree together, but if someone wants only one of them, so he/she will buy the size that he/she prefers separate. With this way people can also save money.

- Christina Fountoulaki




Solidworks design program for the 3d design models and keyshot software for the photorealistic visualizations.
The final stage of my final project was to make the prototype model of the Glass jars blenders. The materials that I used: acrylic plastic for the bases, Rapid prototype machine for the caps. Furthermore, I bought the cutters parts and the Kelner glass jars as well. I sent my 2D files to the laser cutter machine for the bases, and I stack them together (to create the rectangles) with specific glue for the acrylic plastic. I painted after the rectangles white and the caps black colour with appropriate spays. According to the cutters and the glass jars I stack them together with strong Araldite glue. Finally I printed the touch screens and I put them with double side tape on the front side of the caps.

- Christina Fountoulaki




About Christina Fountoulaki

Christina Fountoulaki is working as a professional Product Designer Engineer and is currently her PhD in the Product and Systems Design Engineering, department at the University of the Aegean in Greece. She studied Master of Arts (MA) in Sustainable Product Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, United Kingdom and she graduated graduated from the department of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia in Greece. You can find more of her artworks on her Behance profile.

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  1. This is so cool! First off, I really love glass jars for everything. I love them to make liquor, serve liquor, and to use to preserve my fresh juice. It only makes sense to have a blender with them. Love it!

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