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Glazed Glass Project (2018)

Glazed Glass Project (2018)

Chia Chi Lin
March 28, 2018
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Concept based on iceberg theory -the forgiver / the listener / iceberg / the speaker. Blowing glass is definitely fun. I collected the scraps to combine them as new objects.
To me, Iceberg theory symbolizes how people negotiate, it could be a TRUE, but also a fake white lie. Pretty complicated.

Iceberg theory is always an interesting knowledge since I was in high school. As a backpacker, I travel to lots of places, meeting large amount of people. The way I judge to continue those friendships are to observe how people talk. I feel that not 80% of people won't speak honestly, they will say some white lie to pretend they are polite.
The material I choose is glass. I think the reflection from glass definitely alike the iceberg. Sandblasting on glass create the cloudy surface, freezing also realistic.

Glassblowing craft skill.
Control the glass heat and gravity are two vital parts of glassblowing process.
At first I learn to blow a nice symmetry sphere, then I challenge myself to blow even bigger or add some color into glass.
Finally, I collected pretty much of glass pieces, some of them broke into pieces, I still keep them and try to do some interesting combination based on my "iceberg theory".

The Glazed project looks pretty elegant. White with a little green dots, color unequally mixed into several pieces. People feel curious about the characters I named to glass pieces. What is surprising me is without my explanation, people can still understand this concept relate to the Glazed.

Well, I am very excited to get more feedback from you guys!
Tell me what you think or exchange travel experiences ?
here is my personal website! Feel free to contact me!

Chia Chi Lin

Chia-Chi Lin, Taiwanese industrial female designer.
Inspired by nature, especially like ocean the most.
She never limit my learning area to just product design,taking classes in transportation design and crafts, challenging herself to be a diversified designer. Exploring new and different materials is also a passion of her. As an international student from Taiwan, she has the unique world-systems perspective.

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