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Glimmer-Concrete Spiral Stair Lamp

Glimmer-Concrete Spiral Stair Lamp

Timestone Goods
September 24, 2019

Glimmer—spiral stair lamp for dream walkers

Unveil the night
Light up the dream
Step on the stairs of Glimmer

With fair-faced concrete, simple minimalism design, spiral stairs and warm white light, Glimmer is a spiral stair lamp designed and made by Timestone.

The goal of our works is to imitate the tone of time with the shade of stones. Fascinated by the simplicity of fair-faced concrete, Timestone applied the elegant gray of concrete and geometrical shape to create the tranquil and fairytale-like atmosphere.

The design of spiral stair formed an illusion that the stair stretched endlessly into the tower. In order to create the effect of the infinite extension, we designed the course of the steps to rotate inwardly. Through special structure design and precise angle calculation, the lamp was successfully formed into one piece and be completely released from the mold.

We provided two materials for choice, the Plus and the Light. Made of Timestone's special formula, the Plus version is darker, with more natural texture while the Light version is lighter in color and less slick. Our buyers like the them a lot.

It's now available on Pinkoi.

Timestone Goods

Timestone is a local design brand in Taiwan, Tainan. We not only design but also produce our own products. Managing the whole producing process, we are dedicated to provide products with high quality.

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