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Glucopix by Donat Bali Papp

Glucopix by Donat Bali Papp

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October 21, 2015

Glucopix by UI/UX designer Donat Bali Papp is an app that would help potential diabetics manage their health. After designing the app, Donat realized that the app was targeted for the young generation because of its fresh and modern design.

Glucopix had several names and designs until I came up with the final look. At the very beginning it aimed to reach all the potential diabetics out there. As time went on I realised, that it's audience must be the young generation of patients (mainly with type 1 diabetes mellitus), just like me. The project started with sketching, wireframing, rapid prototyping and early stage user testing. The hard part was to decide about each feature's added value and complexity.
-Donat Bali Papp

Donat Bali Papp

As I am a diabetic for almost 10 years, the topic stood always in front of my eyes. When I've finally decided to become a UI/UX designer, I was taking part in an Interaction Design course where we could work on a project of our own. I immediately chose diabetes management. Since then Glucopix has been one of my garage projects that I've always loved spending time with.
-Donat Bali Papp



In this case my inspiration was my own experience in diabetes management through the years. I think, after all design is all about the user. I would like to give the opportunity to answer this question in the users' hands.
-Donat Bali Papp



As UI/UX design is an ever-changing working environment, my style is evolving. You cannot use the same guidelines, tools and elements all the time. I really love flat, colorful and bold design elements though. I take inspiration from all parts and aspects of everyday life. Most of the time, you only need to listen carefully. The interesting thing is that for me, designing the first 80% of a project takes exactly the same time as the last 20%. That's where I believe the magic happens. The greatest things can be found in the little details. I also take inspiration from my girlfriend and dog :)
-Donat Bali Papp




Never be ordinary. Not even for usability. There must be a way to create both beautiful and usable user experiences. If you haven't found the way, keep looking, probably you didn't try hard enough. Never settle, always evolve.
-Donat Bali Papp

About Donat Bali Papp

Donat Bali Papp is a designer based in Budapest, Hungary with an education background in mechatronic engineering, business IT and interaction design. His creative attitude and passion for visuality drove him to the UI/UX instead of the IT industry. He has graphic, mobile and web app design experience. Donat is currently working at ClipDis, a hungarian startup with a vision to change typing/texting user experiences into something more visual and dynamic. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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