GO HARD OR GO HOME – New Project realised in collaboration with HaileFilms – For the Following pic made early 2016 with Break The Bank GoHard.

We have develop this project to make a commercial photoshoot days after days we have develop a short film concept with HaileFilms.

I am at the begenning of my photography carrière. the thing is that im passionat with light and scene photography. we had an action project with Haile. and i hade shoot the base of this project early 2016. and i’v wanted to make a following serie out of this with my new work techniques and color grading.

at first i’v drew all the angle with a basic pensil and a sheet of paper.
2nd iv shoot my self with the camera on a tripod to know the exact angle.
3rd in photoshop iv made a fast collage to show to all the personnes that was going to work with us what i wanted to creat.

we have made a video making of to show the personnes who are interessed in to (mise en scene) how do we creat this, so yes we can say that the feed back where really positives. people told us that it was really nice to see how it’s made from the beginning to the end. and the cool ambiance we have on photoshoot

Keep it up to see what we are oing to produce in 2017

Jacob Muller

Jacob Muller is a Selfmade digitalartist and inspired photographer.​
Born in Alby (83) soutstern France Early 1989 . His parents moved to switzerland in 1990 after a few years moving in differants coutry.
2001-2003 he lived in South-Bend a little town in north Indianna (USA). Passionate by video making and conceptual art. His way of creating his artwork and powerful concepts naturally came to him. Early 2008 he bought is first own camera to start developing is way to see .

His Passion for creating stuff out of nothing building and retouching. Made him naturally work for Leading commercials & Advertising Agency in all the country. Read more on www.jacobmullerphoto.com