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Gold Letters CO.

Gold Letters CO.

Arley E Valoyes M
May 15, 2019
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T-shirt intervention with a few letters.
a calligraphy work for the application in serigraphy on shirts with golden ink.

T-shirts are limited edition and are part of the ELPO merch. serigraphy - illustration and callygraphy. they some part of the new brand Elpo series lettering

The project "Gold letters CO." it occurred to me as an experimental project in which I could work on calligraphy, lettering and digital illustration.
The idea was mainly to create a series of 3 phrases that represent ELPO which they are; Fly, be strong and be art.
Starting with this series of calligraphy in serigraphy makes the style and visual key to a more unique style of ELPO. using its color tones makes it very striking and something unique.

ELPO t-shirts are limited edition printed.

I used a blog to make my sketches of what I wanted to develop, I started writing a lot and conceptualized the letters with simple strokes, which at the time of illustration were improved. came the vectors with pen and mouse, adding details, color "GOLD" and some small textures generated on each of the letters to have their own personality.
I also wanted to add one color detail so that the screen printing was not very flat but had two versions, the rest was simple, sketch, vectorize, print and finally serigraphy.

First of all I always look for a pre-sale to find out who wears and the shirts and who are interested. I'm looking for the illustration to generate that acceptance and that people like so I can continue with the process.

In part, all this helps me to create new projects and illustrations, as well as people, while I like it and what it does not, it helps me create new styles, develop new concepts and implement improvements in what I do. . "always a good feedback from the target audience in terms of the leaders, it helps a lot"

for inquiries o question about it tell me

Arley E Valoyes M

Hi, My name is Arley Esteban Valoyes (ELPO).

I am from the Colombia Medellín. I have worked for some time as a illustrator and designer for different types of projects, but right now I am more focused on digital illustration. I like my work, I so satisfied what I do, when im with the pen or mouse I feels good i can only be me.

Contact me: [email protected]

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