This girl is Jade and this is a project about the power to transmit with the human body. I knew that a Test of jewelry would be the ideal to play with the hands of people, this part of the human body is something that fascinates me. Putting your fingers in one way or another can convey very different things and this is what I wanted to investigate. Jade’s hands can make us feel and look glamorous as well.

I wanted to be glamorous with this style and there is nothing better than the golden tone. Using this tone in every detail on a neutral background would make the model stand out and that was the idea. I wanted something elegant and fashionable so I also use transparencies to insinuate the body. The glitter of the clothes make us think they are fantasy images and she is the protagonist. In addition, the golden tone works great on tanned skins.

I have always worked with the Canon brand of professional cameras and that is why I have a Canon EOS 6D and I love it. I decided to use natural light with a neutral background in the street and not use lighting accessories (not forgetting to use a closed diaphragm to gain sharpness). Then I edited the images in Adobe Photoshop CC in a very exhaustive way as for example the well-known frequency separation.

The golden tone makes people feel that they are fantasy photographs and the delicacy of the position of the hands helps to feel. Anyway in general people tell me that they are very artistic and at the same time they could be in an advertising poster so I think I got what I wanted. I think you can be very delicate, be artistic and at the same time be part of the fashion world that is so aggressive. The idea is to convey and people have felt it, what do you think?

Marina Álvarez

Hello! I am Marina Álvarez, a photographer from Asturias, Spain. I study art since I was a child and I graduated in photography at the Art School of Oviedo. I will always say that when you add feelings to your work, it’s no longer a simple job.

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