Golden Poppy

This project was created as a part of an online class. I have always had a fascination for patterns and it was time to finally make one for myself. I introduce you to my first repeating pattern – Golden Poppy

I was searching for images of flowers and came up to these orange, short poppy looking like flowers. I remember these bizarre looking flowers in my mother’s flower bed, I liked the soft petals and the cone shaped buds. Only recently I found out what they’re called (it only took me 20 years). It was a big surprise to me that they are actually Californian poppies. I come from eastern Europe, so I was puzzled by how they can survive our cold winters. This memory was a reason enough for me to choose golden poppies as a pattern theme.

I made some sketches which I used as a base material in Adobe Illustrator. This pattern was made when I didn’t have a tablet so it was a bit time consuming doing it all with a mouse and the pen tool. I recently bought a waterbrush and used it for the project title. It was a great way to take the first steps in waterbrush lettering.

I learned a great deal from this project mainly because of the online class. I would say the most part of the project was choosing the colors and using the re-color artwork feature on illustrator. This was a bit different from my usual projects, but the reception was good and I am happy with the results.

Ineta Karavaicuka

Graphic designer located in Riga, Latvia. Owner of the brand and shop Noctuella.