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Erhardt Szakacs
April 11, 2018
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sleeping cars in germany , my story of cars in germany by night , cars have a life too .
Cars need a break and sleep time.
I find this car on the street , the old design and the lights bring me the idea

I come home after a long work trip , i saw in a dark street this car , that brings me the idea to shoot this Lincoln , why i shoot him ... ? easy to say , this car looks alone in the darkness , it looks like the car is sleeping , he stay alone in a street of nothing , he was untouchable , its the same when you sleep , and you don't like when people touch you when you have a great dream . The old design of the car , colors of lights on the street and all this brings me to the idea " GOOD NIGHT " sleeping cars in germany .

The situation of all the things in this moment was for me fantastic and i saw a story what maybe nobody saw.
The look of my color combination in the picture was the lights and effects what i have at the street i work with all there !

I work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom its easy for me, i love to work with this tools , the camera was my canon , but not the camera and the tools was in this moment for me important , the moment was important the lights in the darkness was fantastic

When i look on Behance and i see the feedbacks i can say i am proud of myself and of the project , people like the color, the emotions and the car .

I learn lot of this project , go out in the night , focus your eyes on the emotion things of your life , and you become a beautiful result

Motto !!
"change few things to focus new directions"

everything is possible when your artwork in the head works !

Erhardt Szakacs

my name is Erhardt Szakacs and i am a freelance photographer from the beautiful city Wiesbaden Germany
i specialize myself in motorsport - automotive/transportation - reportage - advertising photography since 2012. With my pictures i capture the fascination of rush and speed .
" photography is my life ". Probably because she is my life content . It gives me the opportunity to express myself in the way that i could not comprehend
it with words .

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