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Google visual assistant

Google visual assistant

Pascal grangier
February 28, 2019
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Conventional smart speakers work with voice and allow a conversation with the user. However, Those products have limitations since they are only using voice to communicate and exchange information.

Our idea of ’visible artificial intelligence’ takes a step further into shaping
our relationship with products that surrounds us. It uses Google’s artificial
intelligence, speech recognition and space recognition technology.

Google Visual Assistant is a new ‘AI projector’ concept that combine sound and visual information to create new possibilities.

Inspired by functional simplicity, google visual assistant has a minimal function first design.
At the same time, it implies google's identity in a fresh and simple way.
We focused on achieving an elegant and simple design that can stand out in the living room.

To develop the idea we started with a vision. To then start sketching and developing the functionalities and user experience. After than got clearer we refined our idea into CAD.
In order to check our design we did 3D prints to check the proportions and functionality of the product until we arrived at a result we were happy with.

We would love to hear your thoughts about the project and how you see future application of AI in our daily life.
This project is about rethinking and imagining how we could interact and get support with future product in our homes.
Design together with Jiwon Seo.

The project on behance :

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