Goshawaf Adventure Kit

I’ve constructed and designed this adventure kit which includes an artist case and a travel sketchbook. I decided to use two of my favourite areas of life: travelling and drawing. I think that every small detail matter so I made this kit as good as possible.

Every time I go to some new place I take a sketchbook and some drawing tools with me. It easy to wet or crumple a sketchbook or loose a pen or pencil. That’s why I decided to solve this problem and make a case for this purpose. I chose 120 gsm paper to make it ideal for drawing with a pencil, pen or markers. I chose a cotton for the case to make it light and pleasant for the touch.

I always start with a pencil and paper. So at first I drew some guidelines, chose a composition and a style, then I draw some rough sketches and revisioned them. After finishing with pen and paper I scanned pictures on worked with them in an Illustrator. Then I spend some time on a small sewing factory to construct the case and decide how make poсkets it’s going to have and other details. After that I got a prototype and tried to use it for a couple of weeks to make sure that it’s perfect. After that we sewed the first batch, printed them and make sketchbooks.

I got a lot of positive responses, I think it’s because people wanted this kind of a kit and wasn’t able to find it. I also a huge fun of goods that can help people express themselves and be more creative.

Thanks for reading that and promise me you will go to a new adventure soon. It could be a small one but if you like me and have some creative struggles that could really help you in your search of peace and happiness.
Let your adventure begin.

Gosha Bondarev

Hand lettering artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

My clients: Microsoft, Alcatel, Jameson, Vk.com, etc. Challenges I have taken on include: prints and logos for clothing brands; international campaigns for major brands; advertising materials for videos and photo projects; cover art for albums and literature; packaging and identity for small and big companies; collaborations with other artists and live performances.