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Paul Marguerite
March 10, 2019
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Since my childhood, I visit graveyards. It was first a game, then it began to be a subject of profond meditation. At 16, I discovered the Père Lachaise in Paris and it became really important for me to share. I took a movie camera from my video club and started a short movie. This passion is still there today, and I now like to focus on the story around the grave: the religious aspect, the state of the grave, the flowers around…

I'm a black and white photography lover. At first, it was for a money reason, the colo was too expensive. But I really loved the rendu of this particular grain, the alteration between the reality and the final picture, and it became my favorite expression.

I now use mostly Nikon cameras for my work. I use both Nikor and Tamron camera lenses. I'm doing some post production with Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom, but I try to stay minimal. It is still necessary as I shiver a lot.

I received a lot of good reactions on this subject, especially about two of the pictures: one of two men from the Neuilly's graveyard, and one from the Père Lachaise of a mother and her son.
My favorite was maybe about the Jesus imagery from the main Brest graveyard, where most of the graves are destroyed and let as the nature decide it.

Visit graveyards! They are not about death, they are about love!

Paul Marguerite

French Parisian 35yo photographer.

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