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Great Artists

Great Artists

Veril -
June 27, 2017

Always thought of ways to symbolize a face. During my drawing, I circled an eye and drew a line in that circle, which made my feeling strange. I imagined open, closed and half-open eyes through several drawing
There were different emotions on one face because the faces were painted different colors
I want to draw my idol thought my symbols, which is this project.

I usually paint what I am interested in, what I like and what I want to have.
and I used to paint a classic landscape for a long time. but I started digital work to paint in a modern fashion.
as a result, topics of interest were changed into urban and modern daily life.
I work with consideration of shape and spacing of each side and colors are arranged with weight in mind based on light and emotion
I also try to use a new combination of colors.

I work with Adobe Illustrator. I draw ideas on paper with a ball pen and a felt-tip pen.
and some of them are made more drawings with Photoshop after a long time.
after then, they are imported into the Illustrator with which I make a clear line and adjust the spacing and finally make color variation.
(the final process is almost like play.) It was awkward to make one line by continuing small lines at first.
but I am excited about making a clear line and adjusting the spacing now.

Although people didn't press "Likes" button well, they were fun and exciting from my project.
To be honest, the biggest reason why I draw my idol is to get "Likes" from David Hockney in Instagram.
Of course, I'm successful even if he was not himself but his assistant

I enjoy painting every moment even though I'm pressed for the deadline.
so I want to convey that feeling to others.

veril -

Illustrator, Painter based on Seoul

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