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"Greek Islands"

Basel Kane
July 12, 2022
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The “Greek Islands” project, was created by Basel, is about her artistic vision and personal experience from her country’s islands. Her passion for analogue photography follows her throughout her trips. Her vision of photography focuses on the pulse of European capitals. You can find more of her artworks from her trips to Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia, on her IG profile (baselkane).

Meeting new places and people are the main elements of her analogue artworks. The passion for travelling began in her early student years and shaped the way she wants to see the world. In this project she used her first analogue camera, that she found among her family stuff, Kodak Star Motor.

The 35mm film that she used on this project was a Kodak gold c200. The colours are intense and lively, like the islands. No Photo editing was needed, because the analogue camera offers the vintage aesthetics by itself.

Usually she shares her work on Instagram (ig: baselkane) and at this moment she is glad to be part of a group exhibition in Athens.

Keep following your dreams! -Basel

Basel Kane

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