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The Green Forest Owls

The Green Forest Owls

Argir Ziovsky
April 3, 2018
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The green forest owls is self initiated project in which I tried to put all my fascinations about this animal and respect for place like forest. As an illustrator I practice my skills for many years to draw every day one owl.

Since my childhood I have been always surrounding by picture books and I remember spending hours with books watching different art styles. In all stories I have reading or my mother to me, owl was always representing open smart minded character who's helping to others animals living in the forest. I think drawing owls is my natural way of carrying this feeling from my childhood time.

I drawing my owls on paper using my favorite Rotring art pen (with ink cartridge) or pencil from Koh-I-Noor, training my hand, skills and creativity. Then I use illustrator to create final shape and playing with details.
Choosing right color is also very important process for my work. Once I finished the illustration I do over viewing before is going to print.

Mainly all reactions are very positive. I always appreciate people's support and enthusiasm. I think people like my own style and colors I choose. My illustrations and art work is a journey and narrative story. I have my sketch book with me every day to draw and practice my skills.

Argir Ziovsky

I’m a creative graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Czech republic, playing with lines curves and geometrical objects mixing with wide range of colors. I love to solve problems in visual communication using my creative mind in the journey from abstract to the real world. I specialize in illustration, logo and icon design, branding, identity, layout and print design.

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