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April 5, 2021

GreenGlow is a Mexican platform that distributes clean beauty products, free from ingredients that are harmful to health. The main discourse of the brand is based on the fact that beauty and consciousness can be together. For this reason, it was essential to have a balance between the glamorous world of beauty, and the healthy and conscious world.

The identity is influenced by the classic 70's with neon touches and organic shapes that, in combination with elegant and contemporary typefaces, give us the balance that the brand needs to live up to its slogan: Where Beauty meets consciousness.

The most important part of our process is analyzing the the brief to conceptualize and translate it graphically. During that process we use many manual and digital techniques, mainly Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs for the logo.

The identity we create is being a differentiator as a brand in your industry. The client was very satisfied with the project.


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