Grid Kitchen Products

The Grid Kitchen set strikes a balance between sculptural aesthetic and minimalistic function. Instead of being hid in the drawers or cupboards of your kitchen, these products are designed to be displayed and shown with pride in the aesthete cooking space. Each tool in the lineup is sleek and intuitive, and fits cleanly into the included base in a way that allows the user to customize their cooking experience to their desires.

The products include…
-Oil and liquid containers
-Spice shakers, grinders, and pinch containers
-Cutting board and knife
-Garlic holder and crusher
-Lemon squeezer

Each product brings a new and unique take on traditional tools, and can be swapped with another depending on the users preferences.

Blacksmithing had a major impact on the aesthetics of the set. The base of the product lineup can be, with considerable effort, hand smithed from a single piece of rectangular block steel; the final result of which is a unique and beautiful form. The rest of the products defer to the base, complementing its angles and geometric forms.

The color scheme is intentionally referential to copper cooking tools and aged handles, while the matte smooth surfaces keep clean and smudge free during use.

The form of the base was initially created by hand using various metalworking tools over the course of several days. After the texture was created, the next step was to design the products that accompany the base. This was hardest part of the design process, as creating products that complement geometric negative space proved to be a challenge.

After the designs were solidified in sketch form, Solidworks and Keyshot were used to bring the project to the stage of completion that you see here.

Viewers responded quite well to the project, offering suggestions and alterations to the designs that would improve the function and aesthetics. This advice was crucial, and will certainly be implemented in the future to improve and continue the project past the concept phase.

Cody Moore

Cody Moore is an Industrial Designer from Ocean City, Maryland. He strives to create unique concepts that seek meaning behind every interaction between the user and their products.