* Team Project
Industrial Designer : N Y U N, Hyojeong Lee
Visual Designer : Jaejin Bong, Dongha Kim, Yoonkyung Cho
UX Designer : Sangjin Han, Yebin Kim

Grooveat is the music app & audio set that provides a suitable track list for your real-time taste by rhythm.
The rhythm which is an instinctive response of people, select the next song.

Grooveat is a streaming service & Product that the next song is determined by my real-time response.

First, When it comes to introduce the logo of Grooveat, this process is alike function box. Because we thought that it was the user’s own music algorithm. Grooveat is a compound word of GROOVE and BEAT in a rectangular frame, representing the function box.

Secondly, ‘Giltch’ is the graphic style of Grooveat, which is suitable for showing rhythm response.

Lastly, the products also applied ‘Glitch’. We wanted to express the effect of light dispersion by basic molding and transparent material in the products. The earbuds consist of circle and a square shape, and the home speaker is made of a transparent material so that two outer shapes are overlapped and a variety of light is formed.

We use Rhinoceros, Keyshot, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Indesign, and Protopie.
It was long period project.
First, we had to understand people’s needs. Next, we considered the wireframe for the new device type and Usability. As a result, we were able to complete full package of audio service, the real mockup product and service!
Additionally, It was effective to show our project by adding motion interaction, and brochure design.

People were pretty enthusiastic about our project.
Most of feedbacks on our project was great consistency between UI and product.
So, we realized it is important to Cooperate with each other.
Above all, for the speciality of each field were brilliant, we were able to finish these projects excellently.
Anyway, we did a good job!

Jaejin Bong

A Korean UI & Product Designer