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Ornella Gorgees
July 4, 2018
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GROW is an interactive projector and planter system that brings families together. This product strengthens family relationships.

Many people have been addicted to their smartphones, which have caused many negative outcomes.
The world has transformed into humans being "connected mobility" in which we are always connected through social media while traveling around the city.

GROW would be a system that enhances social interactions that are in the moment and more meaningful than communication through a screen.

Everywhere I go. Everywhere I turn. I do not see people—I see a walking screen everywhere I go. People's heads down immersed within a bright screen. Many people have been addicted to smartphones, and the outcome of this has led to many family problems which include detachment from the present, no more communication, no more family activities or bonding, etc.

I wanted to present an idea in which a product would encourage families to use to strengthen their relationships. This product would help families form this bond with three main activities—games, wellness, and learning. Growing Herbs would provide families a sustainable lifestyle in which the interactive projector would teach families how to grow, plant, and cook these herbs.

I chose the modern style for the aesthetic of the product.

I started with sketching rough ideas of a shape that would bring the two products together as one. These products would aesthetically stand alone or be placed together as a system.

Mock-ups were then created to implement the proper size and shape for the final product.

Then photoshop and CAD (Solidworks) was used for the final showcasing of how the product worked.

Many people provided positive feedback in which many can relate to the issues brought along with smartphone addiction.

I learned many psychological effects smartphone addiction has caused on many people. I have learned and grown as a designer to think deeply and explore many possibilities that could reduce the negative outcomes. I have landed on a product that balances between simple functionality and technology-driven.

I hope my work can provide much inspiration and inspire to look at the world through a different lens.

Ornella Gorgees

Hello— I am Ornella Gorgees! I graduated from the College for Creative Studies majoring in Industrial Design.

My interest in design began when I was only seven years old. I was constantly questioning how things work and was curious to find out. One day I took apart a pull back toy truck to figure out the mechanisms that allowed the truck to move on its own once pushed back.

My passion and curiosity grew along the years. Although I began as a fine artist, I still saw the world in shapes and lines. My ambitions and passion for design allowed me to make product design my focus.

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